Peer to Peer in NV

Peer Recovery Support Services are for individuals with behavioral health issues and are provided by a person who has personal lived experience with Mental Health/Substance use and Co-Occurring challenges and is committed to their recovery. Peers have a unique ability to gain the trust and respect of others seeking recovery based on shared experiences. The mentoring provided by a Peer Recovery Support Specialist helps individuals in recovery, or seeking recovery, take full advantage of the opportunity to learn recovery skills and gain confidence in their lives from someone who has the same lived experience and has sustained their own recovery.

If you are interested in receiving Peer Support Services, Call or E-mail

Chair, Northern Nevada
Daniel Fred
(775) 682-7441 |

Vice-Chair, Southern Nevada
(702) 257-8199 |

Northern Nevada
Michelle Berry
(775) 784-6265 |

Recovery is possible for every individual

One response to “Peer to Peer in NV

  1. Nevada Peer to Peer programs is starting to grow more and more.


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