Peer Council September 30, 2015 Meeting Notes

Peer Leadership Advisory Council Subcommittee Meeting

Sept 30, 2015 10:00 am – 11:00 am

via conference call


Skip Farley, Denna Atkinson, Trey DeLap, Ali McCurdy, Nancy Snyder, Mike McMahon, Luana Ritch, Steve Burt, Michelle Berry, Jeanyne Ward

Not present:

Roxy Johnson, Alyce Thomas, Ginger Paulson, Jo Anna Rios

Meeting started at 9:05 am.

Jeanyne took roll and reminded the group of the mission of NPLAC. The Peer Leadership Advisory Council will advocate for a sustainable peer driven behavioral health system of care for recovery and wellness, for persons with mental health challenges, addictions and co-occurring disorders.

Jeanyne reminded the group of the purpose of this subcommittee. NPLAC has formed a subcommittee to begin having conversations in order to formulate a plan around the certification of individual peers working in the State. SAHMSA recognizes peer services as evidence based and our hope is to organize and professionalize peers and peer services within the state (current and future).  We would like for you and your organization to be a part of the conversation as we begin creating a plan and brainstorm ideas before the 2017 legislative session. Your input is extremely valuable to us.

Steve Burt nominated Skip to be the chair, Nancy second the motion, Skip agreed.

Denna began by saying Heidi Gustafson has been doing research on what other states have been doing with individual peer certification and she will be able to get gather more information to present at the next meeting.

Foundations for Recovery is also talking with BRSS TACS and SAMSHA to get some technical assistance with the individual peer certification.

Luana from DPBH gave us an update on SB489 that was approved last legislative session. The regulations have not entered the draft phase yet for certified peer organizations. This bill was approved so that employers could get Medicaid reimbursement for PRS services. It would act like the behavioral health aid model. Mike from DPBH mentioned SB489 hopes to have peer support organizations be more self-sustainable over time. The infrastructure will be statewide with regards to quality control and training.

Nancy asked if we could find some other entity to sponsor the individual peer cert and NOT have it go thru legislation. Maybe add a new regulatory body or use an existing agency?

The model here in NV for EMT’s is a model that we might want to look at. There is no board for them, they are licensed agency. This would fit with SB489 because HCQC is already involved. HCQC could certify the personnel as well as the agency.

Denna said there is a barrier for Community based organizations like FFR who do not receive Medicaid to be able to get reimbursement for Peer services because under SB489 you have to have clinical oversight (which they do not currently have). This is the requirement from Medicaid. The bill should be drafted so the language is changed to be more liberal for agencies that employee peers. DPBH cannot change Medicaid, the community has to discuss this with Medicaid. . Denna just wants to make sure all peers who are working do no harm and are trained consistently. The individual peer cert would provide legitimacy for the peers in the field.

Try from FFR asked what were the barriers this last legislative session to getting the individual cert passed? Steve Burt said the barriers were within our system not the legislature.

Luana mentioned there were politics that DPBH could not overcome. The benefit now is we have more time to lay out the process and requirements for the new bill. AND engage HCQC to attend the calls going forward to offer their guidance. Our group has the ability to influence the regulations that are not yet written. Denna agreed. Michelle Berry offered to assist Denna and Skip in their conversations with HCQC. Michelle also forwarded a document that explains what other states are doing (from 2014).

Luana is going to send the HCQC information to Jeanyne to add them to the invitations. Steve Burt will connect Denna and Skip to Kyle Divine @ HCQC. Luana is also going to send HCQC listserv info to Jeanyne so the group can be on the listserv and get information about upcoming meetings.

This subcommittee will meet monthly. Luana will forward the invitation to those people who should be on the call.

Skip adjourned meeting at 10:39 am.

Next meeting:

Wed Oct 28 @ 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Jeanyne will send conference call details and invitation.


What are other states doing

Update on HCQC