Peer Recovery & Support Certification

Peer Recovery & Support Certification

The Nevada Behavioral Health Association (NBHA) is pleased to announce the launch of internationally recognized, IC&RC Peer Recovery and Support certification in Nevada.

“Quality care requires a competent workforce that is well trained, educated, and skilled in providing appropriate services.” The International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC)

Certification allows Peer Recover Specialist professionals:

  • Recognition
  • Accountability
  • Enhanced career standing and the potential for advancement

Don’t wait. Apply now for reduced fees and examination waivers through November 30, 2017.

Download Application 

For additional details, requirements for education and experience, applications, and a list of frequently asked questions, see or contact Natalie Powell, See the CASAT or Foundation for Recovery training website for upcoming trainings that meet certification requirements.

GRANDFATHERING PERIOD for credentialing will be open from June 1 through November 30, 2017.

During the grandfathering period for Prevention Specialists:

  • The IC&RC Prevention Specialist examination is waived (Savings of $60!)
  • The price for initial two-year certification is reduced to $40

After November 30, 2017, the cost for initial certification is $100


(based upon IC&RC’s International Standards for Peer Recovery)

Experience: 500 hours of volunteer or paid work experience specific to the Peer Recovery and Support domains, within the past seven years.

Peer Recovery and Support Specialist Domains

  • Domain 1: Advocacy
  • Domain 2: Ethical Responsibility
  • Domain 3: Mentoring and Education
  • Domain 4: Recovery/Wellness Support

Education and Training:

  • High school diploma or jurisdictionally certified high school equivalency.
  • 46 hours specific to the Peer Recovery and Support domains with:
    1. 10 hours in each of Domains 1, 2, and 3, completed within the past 5 years
    2. 16 hours in the domain of Ethical Responsibility, completed within the past 2 years

(Non-clinical) Supervision: 25 hours of non-clinical supervision specific to the domains. Oversight must be provided by an organization’s documented and qualified management or supervisory staff per job description.

Examination: CBs must require all applicants to pass the IC&RC PR Examination. *

Code of Ethics: The applicant must sign the NBHA Code of Ethics for Certified Peer Recovery and Support Specialists, a peer recovery specific code of ethics statement, and an affirmation that the applicant has read and will abide by the code of ethics.

Recertification: 20 hours of continuing education earned every two years including six hours in ethics.

  • Acronym: CBs will be required to use the acronym PR (for instance, Certified Peer Recovery and Support Specialist; Certified Peer Recovery Coach; Certified Peer Recovery Mentor)
  • Exam may be waived by the CB during grandparenting period. Once grandparenting closes, all candidates applying for the PR credential would have to meet all standards including passing the examination. The exam can only be waived during a grandparenting period.
  • The acronym CBs used above refers to “Certification Boards.”

Download Domain Requirements and Checklist Here

Download Code of Ethics for Peer Support Specialists Here

One response to “Peer Recovery & Support Certification

  1. Currently Peer Recovery Support Specialist Certification will go to Legislative session 2015. Check back after Legislative session is over and we will have some specifics. We hope!


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